Wi-Fi connection

Since the last update, the hotspot mode does not move and does not allow me to connect to a Wi-Fi network, nor does it allow the two GPS to connect. Solution please.

When you select a WiFi network below it automatically turns off hotspot and then reboots the receiver to join the new WiFi connection.

Hi Carlos,

To switch your Reach device to a Wi-Fi network, you need to select it from the list of accessible networks and connect to it.

Also, I see that you are using not the latest software version with your Reach RS+. This January we released v2.22.3 that has many fixes since v2.18.1. I’d recommend updating your device.

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I updated it, but it started to crash even more.
rs + goes off by itself. The last update fails a lot, they should make corrections, the fix does not hold.

Hi Carlos,

Since you’ve encountered these issues, may I ask you to send the following logs:

  • UBX logs from both base and rover recorded when the issue occurred

  • position log from the rover

  • base correction log from the rover

It could really help us to find out what’s wrong.

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