Wi-Fi connect stuck at scanning

Sadly, so far I have much the same experience. The first unit I was able to connect to the hotspot. I then gave it my wireless network info and was able to connect via my network. I then did the update and reconnected. The wifi reported a valid IP and then I proceeded to set it up as a base. Then I started it. It thinks it is started but I do not see any sats on the bar graph display. So I turned it off to work on the second reach.
Then I started on the rover but here things went poorly. I connected to the reach hotspot but when I try to set up the wifi, the box just stays stuck at … Scanning but no wifi networks are found. Tried many restarts but nothing. LEDs blink white green blue red in sequence. Help.

Agreed, I haven’t seen any visual update on the base as well, not sure if there is supposed to be any. Possibly the base does not show its coordinates. I think there could be a touch more documentation in this area.


Are you by any chance using Safari on Mac OS? I am going to move your message to a separate thread to keep things organized.


Currently base sats are shown on the rover, but this will be improved in the next release and sats will appear on the base as well, coming in a few days.

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Some progress ! I got the rover reach to join my network. Now I able to go through the rest of the tutorial. I now see 7 to 8 sats total and 5 or 6 are green. But the rover has not managed to switch out of single status.

Questions - how can you tell if base is doing anything since no sats are displayed on the base app. ? Second - the original IP was assigned by DHCP but it seems to remain static. In order words I can power the reach modules on and off and they retain their IP. Is this correct ? I have mounted the antennas on 100 x 160 aluminum plates and they have clear sky. They are on a table about 1m apart.

Follow up on last msg. From the forum I figured out that the base sats are shown as gray boxes. I am seeing these on the rover app so I assume the base is communicating. I also manually entered lat long ht into the base did a save and load stop and start. But the rover is still solidly single.

IPs should remain static, but IP management is done by your router. You can log into your router and fix their IPs manually.

Can you please post screenshots for ReachView?

I cannot seem to login except on ipad so screen shots are difficult. But they are not very interesting . Rover mode is kinematic. Getting At least 5 to 6 sats. See grayed out boxes so base is apparently running. I can connect to either base or rover on wifi so connection is good. But even after whole day never moved from single. Weather bad today so will wait for you to tell us what to try next. Seems that real RTK is harder to,do.