Why I haven't accuarcy?

Hello, Why am I not accurate, can anyone help me why I have this problem?

Are you using a base with your rover or an NTRIP connection?

Your age of correction is 0, indicating you dont have a correction signal for your Rover.
You need to be connected to either another RS2 or an NTRIP service.

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I dont understand. Can you explain more?

The solution is single, which means the only information used to calculate position is the satellite signals received directly by the RS2 unit. If you want real-time centimetric precision, you need to set up either a second, static receiver and link it with your first unit through radio. Alternatively, you can use an internet caster. In that case you need to either set your own base unit to send correction data over cellular network, or use a third party correction service.

Check the Corrections input section in the user guide.

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