Why does the Rover have 'Base settings'?

Hello, I am using two Reach RS+ units as ‘Base’ (over a known point) and ‘Rover’ in Emlid Flow 8.8. I have followed Emlid’s instructions to set them up, and the units see to be working well, but one part of the app that’s not discussed anywhere are the ‘Base Settings’ on the Rover’s ‘Receivers’ screen, which seem to be for using the Rover as a Base-unit. As the unit automatically begins to collect data as a base-unit, regardless of my settings, I was wondering if these values are important? Or can I just ignore them? Can I deactivate this function? Thanks for your help!
Cheers, Greg

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If the rover does what you want as a rover, you can either ignore the base settings, or even deactivate the correction output Indeed.


Boa tarde,
Pelo oque entendi ja aconteceu comigo se for rastrear somente estático basta desligar a saida de rádio que o aparelho entende que não será base.
o mais importante sempre olhat sua distancia da base te ajuda a saber se esta tudo bem.

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