Why does not Galileo constellation Galileo show FieldGenius?

Tim, why does not Galileo constellation Galileo show FieldGenius? is the demo version

Not sure why the KEY itself (bottom left corner) doesn’t show all the satellites constellations chosen (if available) in ReachView? I noticed this also.

The KEY portion always just seems to show only the same (3) satellite constellations you see here:
GPS (green dot)
GLONASS (orange/yellow dot)
SBAS (black dot)

BUT, I do notice that it does show additional satellite constellations in the “Sky Plot” area (the circular compass graph with the colored dots). The Sky Plot will actually show them in different colors, which I think GALILEO where PINK dots. But for some reason the KEY stays the same? Must be a bug or something?

Again, in my case I see them all in the Sky Plot, but only the (3) in the KEY.

I see you only have GPS & GLONASS and you really don"t have many available? You may have some settings wrong in ReachView? You should see much more satellites than that?

Also note. In addition to the Sky Plot, you can also select the Satellite List which will show all the satellites available including the ones you may not see on the KEY. I.e. I also see the GALILEO (pink dots), but not on KEY, but I DO see them in the LIST and the Sky Plot.

You can email MicroSurvey tech support also as a Support Ticket with this question about your demo trial. They are VERY helpful, but may take a day or so to get back since free of course.

As I explained Tore, just read the gps that are in fixed state, but you should also see some Galileo gps like in rechview. my GPS configuration is gps, glonass, galileo and sbas. the test was done inside my house, rechview shows 11 satellites and field genius only 6

It can also be a problem with NMEA sentences originated in the Rech RS +

Ok, I see now why so few satellites, test was inside house.

Ok, but FieldGenius does see the satellites, for some reason NOT all in Sky Plot, but select View List and you will now see all of them in the List. I think it’s a bug in Sky Plot, as it only shows in the KEY GPS, GLONASS & SBAS?

If you test outside, you should see all of them on the Sky Plot and MOST DEFINITELY the LIST.

Tomorrow I do a test and I inform you. Thanks Tim

The same situation. Galileo satellites are not displayed. I don’t even know if they take into account the position. Although in ReachView they are. I asked software developers, they said that this means that data on them is not transmitted. I use LandStar 7, SurvX4.0, EGStar.

Tim works perfect the Fieldgenius with fantastic 1HZ !!! :grin:


I’m guessing these older Windows Mobile 6.1 data collectors cannot handle anything faster than 1Hz? At least it works better for you now! : )

it works much better

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Our L1/L2 receivers run 5hz on the FC-500. What processor does the Nomad have?

Probably an old 386SX. Jk. I’ll have to find the ancient data sheet…curious anyways as I want to use the Nomad to at times… especially if I ever drop my Surface Pro 1, it’s all over. Knock on wood.

I have a new Surface Pro 6 also and really like that one, but not for on the field! ; )

If it’s the SP1 I might still have my “NFL” Incipio case…

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806 MHz XScale processor

Now I see why the problem. This device’s UPDATE RATE is 1hz. (under GNSS specs)


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Yep. The FC-500 isn’t much better at 1GHz. 512MB RAM. I couldn’t find the documentation to verify it is 5hz. Actually I just realized the Nomad has GPS right? The FC-500 is just a data collector.

Yes, it does.

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