Why does my Reach not update?

I go to the Logs gear button and it says:

Current version: v0.0.3
During update ReachView will go inactive for about a minute. Wait for the LED to start blinking again, then reconnect.

Then it counts down from 120 seconds after I click the [update] button. The whole time reach does Not go inactive as it continues the white, green, blue, and red flashing.

Then after the countdown stops it says:

Current version: v0.0.3
Refresh the page
During update ReachView will go inactive for about a minute. Wait for the LED to start blinking again, then reconnect.

The new information says to “Refresh the page” so I refresh the page and the version is the same: v0.0.3

What’s wrong?

I’m trying to obtain the .obs and the .nav files so I can use RTKPOST but all that downloads from the log files are .log files. And when I try to convert the .log by using RTKCONV ver.2.4.2 in U-blox format, it won’t convert the files.

To get ReachView to come up, I’m using Reach’s self-hosted network at to connect Reach to my PC through a Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter. It seems like it always has problems and is slow to connect at first, but once it does connect it has excellent signal.

I may try to update it again if I can connect via USB over Ethernet. I’m having trouble because the RNDIS driver(s) are not installed. It’s giving me a warning when I try to install, which one(s) are safe to install?:

With the setup you described, you are connecting to Reach’s wireless hotspot. I can’t see how Reach would be able to update itself, as it has no connection to the internet.

Why don’t you try connecting Reach to a wireless router that has an internet connection? That way the router will give Reach an IP address and a gateway address, and then it will be able to access the internet and update itself.

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Thanks, I wish I knew more about networks but I don’t know much. What’s the basics to connect Reach to a wireless router? We do have a router with wireless internet, I just don’t know how to connect Reach. My PC is connected by Ethernet cable just for information. does not come up unless I connect through the USB Network Adapter.


You need to read this page and look at the WIFI connection information.

Yeah I’ve read that page. I just figured it out however, I got it to connect to my router by plugging reach into my PC USB port, downloading the Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool off the internet, scanning for wifi networks, and then logging in to the router wifi. Now I have version: v0.4.3 and image version: v1.2 after I updated :slight_smile: