Why do I not see IMU2 in my log file


I am wondering why I do not see IMU2 data in my log file in MP 1.3.41 for my RPi3/Navio2 setup running Copter 3.4-rc4 ?

Navio2 has dual 9DOF IMU, I do have MAG, MAG2 and MAG3 for my external compass but only IMU, not IMU2.
My Log BitMask is 176126, on a Pixhawk I do have both IMU and IMU2.

Any explanations about this ?

Thank you.

Hello there!

The explanation is pretty easy. IMU2 is not implemented at the moment.

As a matter of fact, it’s not used by EKF either.

Hello George,

Thank you for your reply, actually quite surprising, if I’m not wrong EKF (or EKF2) is using dual IMU
on Pixhawk but not on Navio2… Is that right and any reason for that ?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m trying to troubleshoot a serious issue I’m experiencing with
RPi3/Navio2, at the beginning I thought it was a compass problem (as many other users may have)
but it seems it’s much more complicate and involving Navio2 IMU and/or Linux porting, anyway I’ll open
a new topic about this matter.


When did LOG_BIT_MASK got to 16 bits? I’ve been looking for weeks at where the default data that ArduPlane sends is configurerred, and just found LOG_BITMASK today.