Why can't we use Beidou and GLONASS at the same time?

I’m curious when I am setting up my RS+, why can’t we select both Beidou and GLONASS at the same time? Specifically in the RTK settings Beidou seems to be blanked out. Thank you for any assistance.

Beidou sats might not be visible in your area. You should use free software for mission planning. Before I go in the field, I usually check what sats are available for optimum observations.


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Hi @jherbranson,

This is a hardware limitation of the internal GNSS module.


Trimble’s GNSS planning tool is an excellent tool to forecast satellite availability. I use it frequently.

If he can only use one or the other due to hardware limitations, use this tool and see which has more available at the time he is working and use that constellation instead of the other.


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