Why can't the RS2 be configured to only send specific NMEA sentences?

The RS2 is a nice piece of tech, but why is it only able to broadcast a set array of NMEA sentences? My Javad T2 can be configured to broadcast whichever sentences I want.
My Novatel V-1 can be configured to broadcast whichever sentences I want.
My Trimble R7 can be configured to broadcast whichever sentences I want.
Even my SIRFStarIII can be configured to broadcast whichever sentences I want.

But the RS2 only broadcasts 11 messages whether you want them all or not. Why can’t I shut off the ones I don’t want?

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If I should guess i would think Emlid could add such feature, but at the moment I think they prioritize features higher up the wanted list.

What is the reason you don’t want all?

For datalogging on continuously moving equipment (think an Ag sprayer controller or FarmerGPS).
Extra sentences either need to be thrown away by the datalogger, which requires extra datalogger processing time. Or the extra sentences need to be logged and the mapping software throws away the extra sentences at post processing. Both options slow down the datalogger by either increasing the processor load, or increasing the amount of data per second that is written to the data storage device. Slowing down the datalogger slows down the equipment speed.

Every other manufacturer that I know of has made NMEA sentences configurable. What I really can’t figure out is why Emlid just decided to force-feed us a bunch of sentences.

Not on modern devices. Here you wouldn’t be able to feel a difference in performance. It is such a simple parsing task.

Simple cost/benefit. How many would require such functionality versus what else could be done in that time, that would provide more value to more users.

Could it come in the future, probably, Emlid pays quite a bit of attention to its users!

A lot of us use older devices where it’s not a simple parsing task, and some modern devices don’t bother parsing the sentences because GPS receivers have been NMEA configurable for so long. And I’ll flip this argument right back around on you: It’s such a simple parsing task, just program the RS2 to do it.

But I understand your argument re cost/benefit. After all, Emlid is discount equipment. If you want full-featured tech you have to go to the big name providers and pay the higher prices.

Hi John,

We definitely plan to address the question you raise here to enable smoother integration with the hardware from 3rd-party manufacturers. At some point, we’ll offer a solution, but I am afraid I won’t be able to provide any estimates.

The parsing core is simple as such, it is all the other things around developing it that isn’t simple.
You need UI, testing, specifications etc. and then you have quickly a spent a few man-months already.