Which side of Reach RS is considered the North Side?

I want to submit some files to

In submitting files to OPUS. to share the solution, it request that the antenna be oriented “North”. Which side of the Reach RS would be considered the “North” side? Does an L1 only receiver like the RS have a North Side?


I reckon the powerbutton is facing north.

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Hi @timmyd,

Note, that in regards to information on this site, it accepts logs from dual-frequency receivers only.

I just found that out as you message came through.

I did find this one in Canada. I think it accepts L1 only.

There is a link to sign in and/or create a new free account. They just went to brand new system in August 2018.

I’ve asked this similar question before… I do not think there is a specific NORTH side. I.e. you set it on a point and spin it around on the vertical axis and same point with no direction. I think direction is determined once it moves no matter how the unit is orientated around a vertical axis.

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