Which protocol to use on 3dr v5 radio


I am trying to do rtk using 3dr v5 radio between base and rover. Did the necessary selection for base output to go through serial at 115200 baud and on the rover side indicated serial and baud rate as done on base. No rtk correction received at rover. What protocol on the radio should I use MAVLINK, RAWDATA or LOW LATENCY? Di MAVLINK and RAWDATA with no relief on no rtk correction received problem. By the way units used are RS2 and m2


Hi @rogerix20002000,

We haven’t tested this setup ourselves, but we have seen users on the forum choose RAWDATA in the settings.

Does baud rate settings in the Emlid Flow match the specific radio configuration?

I’d also double-checked the pinout and tried disabling RTCM3 messages, except for necessary ones.

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