Which parameter for motors idle time? Motors stop too quickly

Hello everyone,
My flight controller is a EMLID Edge, when I start the motors with the sticks, they stop after about half a second if you don’t push the stick up quickly enough.
Which parameters exactly do I have to change in the QGround Control software so that I can extend this time?

Many thanks for your responses!

Hi Fred,

Good to see you back on the forum!

The issue is not yet clear to me. Do you mean that the motors don’t spin enough to generate enough thrust for take-off? If so, did you go through all the calibrations successfully?

Thanks for your answer!
I mean the time between i start with the throttle stick the engine and when i let the throttle down, than the motor stopps automatically.
This time is too short, i start the motors, than i must move the throttle stick instantly up, sometimes i cannot keep the motors armed and running, because the stopps instantly after i start it with the stick right down command.




Hi Fred,

You may try the parameter that Marc suggested. You can find it in the Parameters section of QGroundControl.

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