Which one is better?

Hi @emlid team
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I have questions. Which one is better, under 1s or more than 1s for age of differential?
I have try connected base and rover by NTRIP method based on @Brent_W guidances, the result is base and rover are connected and received the correction. A second got fix a second got float, but the point is not steady while my rover is steady on tripod. Then float for a long time. I saw age of differential is more than 1s until 2s? Is that influence fix or float?
And how to get NTRIP method result better, any ideas?
This is NTRIP method result

And one more, why suddenly i got my rover or base disconnected, even though reach led always on (powered up)?

The less the better.
Read this short article about GPS differential correction to get better understanding.

What do you mean by “not steady”?

Could you give more information?

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I mean the coordinate move and the fix coordinate has range until 2 meters.

Reach suddenly turn off while it was still powered up. So i couldn’t access reach. Then wait for a few minutes, i couldn’t access it again.