Which data logger can i use with EMLID RS2?

which data logger can i use with EMLID RS2? for staking out and running topo. thanks

You can use Reachview, if you are happy with coordinates in WGS84 and ellipsoid height?

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Yes, and you can also use any other data logger that can consume NMEA, whether by cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Or you can install a survey app on your smartphone/tablet as well. There are so many…

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Many choices…

Android Phone: Reachview, NUWA, MapIt, LocusGIS, QField, Survey Master
Windows Mobile / Embedded (6.x): Field Genius, SurvCE
Windows 10 Tablet: Field Genius, SurvPC, QGIS, Reachview Webapp


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Hi there,

It’s been a long time since the topic was closed :smile: However, I want to give a small update that our free mobile app ReachView 3 is available on iOS and Android devices, and supports local coordinate systems. You can try it and ask any questions in the new thread!