Where to sell parts

Does anyone know a good place I should try to sell my navio+?

I would like to buy the navio2 for cbus use, but my wife won’t be happy unless I sell the one I have first haha.

If you are located in Europe I might be interested. But only if you realize that anything sold second-hand is only worth 50% of the original price and must be in fully working order. Also to protect against dispute it should be sold via an arbitrator like eBay.

So publishing a link to your eBay article here (assuming that sort of thing is acceptable to Emlid) would probably be a good idea. A good tip to help sell it would be screen shots of all the various emlid example/test programs running successfully.

Anyone with Navio+ should not be so worried about Navio2. The Navio+ is still a fantastic device and fulfils the requirements for the same projects.

ya, I’m not sure what I can post here on the forums or not. I’m US based so it wouldn’t work out anyways.

The main reason I want to switch to the Navio2 is for the CBUS ability. Being able to use 16 channels will be really fun.

What people should remember with any Navio is that we are based off a full computer with multiple connectivity possibilities. I’d look at Wifi/telemetry integration more than SBUS. For example the SPort FrSky protocol is just serial, and APM is already integrated with almost MAVLink style capability (a direct mapping is current in discussion but effectively you can send and receive whatever you like via that protocol).

e.g. you only really need 5-6 channels to control any multirotor. The rest can be done much more elegantly via smart protocols/phones/tablets using “off the shelf” ground station software/apps. For that reason I was seriously considering this transmitter and a cheap tablet for my next build:


ya, I want to get to the point where I know how to do that. Right now until I have more of the telemetry flying down and figure out how to use mavlink I’m relying on my radio controller for most of the commands. I don’t think I need 16 channels, but I want more than my current 7.

I love it when you reply to my posts because you always give such information (or ideas for me to start looking into). Now I can look into how to issue commands with mavlink.

Another problem I have with wifi is the lack of range in the states. Without additional licenses and stuff the range of wifi is limited. Unless I misunderstand (again, I’m really really new at this, just barely getting my toes wet still haha).

one idea I had for having multiple channels was to control a gimbals pan and tilt.

APM does that for you based on calculations of AHRS. No RC input is required. I guess you mean for second/video operator override. The 2 channels free (assuming 4 for control, 1 for flight mode and 1 for RTL) in the Navio+ CPPM limited 8 are already enough for direct gimbal override. Alternatively a “point and shoot” waypoint specified via GCS/tablet is probably better. Thinking like the 3DR solo solution, cinematic.