Where to see the coordinate imposed on the M2 by the average method?

I have left M2 in base mode, parked at any point of unknown coordinates.
I have assigned coordinates to it using the average method, and knowing that these coordinates will be offset by several meters from the well georeferenced coordinates.
The M2 has been broadcasting differential corrections on the Lora radio, and at the same time I have saved the static UBX file.
With an Emlid RS2, I have taken data in RTK mode from corrections received from the M2.
Upon arrival at the office, I post-process the M2 data by comparing the M2 rinex files and a known reference antenna.
I don’t know where to get the coordinate imposed in the field on the M2 to compare it with the one calculated in post-processing and thus be able to correct the data taken in RTK with the Emlid.

Not sure after it is done but, once the base has initialized in Reachview go to the base tab and your LAT/LON/HGT are there.

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I have not written anything in the field. I thought that this data was registered somewhere in the base_.RTCM3, solution_.LLH or raw_.UBX files

It could be, I am not sure. I have never dug into any of the files created by the M2/RS2.

For what I use the M2/RS2 for I record the LLH from the base tab of Reachview by either writing them down or taking a screenshot.

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You can see the Base Coordinates in the Exported Rover CSV from RV3.

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For data collection I did not use RV3. I use a software called topview

Hi Rafa,

You can obtain the base’s geographical coordinates from the Base mode tab in ReachView or the survey project file. If you used a third-party app to collect the points, it might be useful to check whether you saved the base position there.

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