Where to purchase Genuine 3DR V2 Radios for Reach Modules online in US

Today, April 20, I purchased the Reach Module kit from this website. I would like to purchase a set of genuine 3DR v2 radios for my setup, but i cannot locate an online vendor. Located in the USA. I am finding dozens of copies that are similar to the 3DR but not genuine. I have read about noise with the generic radios causing problems. I would like to purchase the right setup the first time. Thanks in advance.

mrobotics.io is the closest you will find in the USA,

if you want better, rfdesign.com.au

why do you want 3dr radios for Reach?

I have seen that the rfd900 radio modems are temperamental.

I am interested in the Lora radios. Especially since the RS units come standard with those.

The 3DR radios seem to be failproof, good range cost effective options.

Do you have any radio suggestions?