Where to purchase Emlid Reach RS 2?

Hello everyone,
So I plan to purchase a set of 2 Emlid Reach RS 2 for RTK applications including collecting GCPs for drone mapping, but have a couple of questions below.

  1. To make it work conveniently, I guess I need the following: 2 Emlid Reach RS 2, one tripod for the base, one bipod for the rover, one (or two?) ipad to control the units. Anything else you would suggest?
  2. In the US, do I purchase the two Emlid Reach RS 2 in the US from Emlid.com or from its retailers? Any good retailers in North Carolina?
  3. Any suggestions for where to purchase other items? Amazon?

Thanks all.

I got ours from Event38 and they have been good after purchase. There is also RobotShop.

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Also from Alberta…

They just became a distributor, that’s what I get for showing them my RS2 :laughing:. lol


Hi Travis,

I’ll chime in here a bit, too, though our users have already pointed out the main things.

This sounds about right. I’d say one iPad is enough: you can use it to connect to both devices, you just need to be on the same network. If you need to monitor both units simultaneously in very different locations, then you may need two operators with two devices.

Depends on which it’s more cost-efficient for you :wink: The main states for USA retailers are Ohio, Georgia, California, Oregon. I’m sure that they all ship to you, though, so you can be sure of the support afterward the purchase. And we’re always here, too, of course.

These are the dealers for the USA:

You can check the full list of the dealers on our website, too.

Not sure I can help you much with it, but you can always check out our dealer’s websites: they usually have the supplies for the surveying.

I can’t miss the chance to show our own survey pole, though. This is something we’ve created ourselves for our devices. You can purchase it on our online store or through dealers as well. It’s a real beauty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you!!


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Thank you very much for the details.

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