Where to obtain new power module cable?


I snapped one of the cables leading into the connector on the power module (during a crash), and am hoping someone knows where to obtain a replacement.

a.) The DF13 side going to the Navio2 is fine.
b.) None of my other connectors with 1mm spacing seem to be a match, so I can’t even identify the type.
c.) It broke at the crimp. I can remove the female crimp from the connector, but there is no length of wire to solder to, and I have been unsuccessful at getting a good connection soldering directly to the crimp (it either snaps off again, or I can’t get it back in the connector).



Hi Mike,

You can get the replacement cable in our store.

Another way is to check online electronics vendors. It is a standard socket so it is likely that they have a suitable cable.

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