Where to Mount Navio2 on DJI F550

My first choice for mounting the Navio2 on a DJI F550 frame was on top, for ease of access, but I ended up putting it between the plates instead, because I thought it would be better protected there. I think this is turning out to be a bad idea for a few reasons.

  1. Before I installed the Navio2, I was able to calibrate the compasses with no problem, but in the frame, compass calibration always gives unusable offsets.I see a lot of posts on compass offsets, so I am still investigating this.

  2. Having seen raspicam related noise issues, I decided to pull the raspicam and test without it. 24 uncrews and screws later, the compass offset problem was unchanged, and now I cannot reattach the raspicam without taking all those screws out again.

  3. Cannot see the LED clearly from all angles. Not a huge deal, but slightly annoying sometimes.

The frame has an integrated power circuit in the bottom plate. That may be the reason for the high compass offsets.

You know, I was aware of that all along, but for some reason it did not register back then. Now I realize that I probably picke the worst position to mount.


So I did exactly the same thing on my F550 my reasoning was because the battery did not fit between two plates and therefor figured it would be best to use the top for that.

Any chance of a picture of the final layout you used would love to steal a few ideas. No point reinventing the wheel.