Where to input or obtain GPGGA?

We got our units and have had great success with them in nearly all modes of communication. However, when using our VRS in NTRIP, we need to send our basic position to obtain a RTCM feed. Normally in RTKLIB we can enter a Lat/Long or obtain a single solution(the later being the easiest).
Am I being blind or is this option not there?
Again, we are very happy so far and look forward to the additions and improvements you will be making in the coming versions of the frontend.

Hi Luke,

Really glad that you like your Reach!

You will need to open “advanced settings” and set following parameters:


We will look into making this feature easier to use.

Works perfectly. Thanks.

Just a small update.

We are rolling out a new version of ReachView that includes these settings as part of NTRIP client set up process in a much prettier way.

You should probably check it out