Where to find Antenna PCV file for Tallyman4721


Does anyone know where to find the PCV file for Tallyman4721 (33-4721NMAT-02-0800) so that I can enter it in RNX2RTKP post processing software.

There is a place to enter

Satellite Antenna PCV file ANTEX/NGS PCV
Which I’m using igs08.atx that came with RTKLIB?

Receiver Antenna PCV file ANTEX/NGS PCV
Not sure where to find the file for this?

Page for antenna?

Thanks and if I’m doing something wrong here please enlighten me.

AFAIK: There hasn’t been one produced.

Thanks. Worth it to buy a new antenna with PCV file?

I don’t think there’s a need to purchase a different antenna just to get a file with it, otherwise there would have been a lot more talk about it in the past couple of years.

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