Where to by quadcopter body for Navio

Hi folks! I want to create some quadcopter with Navio to film my town or something like this. I have some expirience in embedded linux, raspberry pi, python, but have no experience with drones.

So I want to by Navio2 to create something, but I don’t know where to get body and motors together which will allow to flight with some camera (e.g. go pro or may be you will advise something with better quality which is compatible with drone?). If I will have drone with navio I will experient with 3G dongles, controlling from PC/Phone etc.

I saw some peoples on forum create their own drones which is very cool but requires some knowlage.

Is it possible to buy basic kits on which I can install Navio + some camera? Is it possible to buy on aliexpress/ebay etc?
If someone can help with links to such things or cameras for quadcopter it will be very nice! Thanks in advice

it really depends on flight time and how much money you want to spend!
this one is really cheap! (don’t forget to add customs!)
you won’t need the flight controller board since u use navio and maybe you want an x8r for some more controller channels - but the set is quite cheap!
on the other hand the parts are very cheap and if one motor fails you don’t want to loose poor Navio!
you have to decide…
this frame is a “brand frame”, maybe a better quality (thought i didn’t like that frame) you would need to add a receiver and transmitter;
good receiver
good transmitter with opensource software (Taranis x9d PLUS)
and you’ll need a battery too 4s lipo if you want to use emlid’s power module and at least 5Ah,
Or up to 6s lipos: but you’ll need an external ubec (better 2); if you want to check voltage and amps during flight (recommended) an extra power module (something like attopilot180 might be a good choice!)

when it comes to camera i would definitely recomment a raspi camera v2.1, especially if you want to use 3g/LTE anyway - because picture quality is nicer!

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@panky thanks very much! It is very helpful info and great point to start with.