Where is Firmware zip files for M2?

Good afternoon friends!
I updated my M2 to version 29 through the ReachView app. After updating and rebooting, my device stopped working through the Wi-Fi network. Only one orange LED on the left works. Waiting a long time and turning the device back on didn’t change anything. I decided to reflash the device via USB with the Ashkzfku Flash tool program. After the program sees the device, it asks you to specify the path to the zip archive with the firmware file. I could not find the archive with the firmware file on the site. Help me please.

Hi Dmitry,

I’ve answered you in the direct email regarding this issue. Please take a look.

I just wanted to leave an update here: Dmitry was able to sort this out. If you’re facing the same issue with your receiver, please reach out to us via support@emlid.com.