Where has GPGST gone?

I have been using GPGST to provide error estimates to my clients software.
But in 2.10.2 it appears to have disappeared?

Can the message come back?


No Reply:-(


It’s GNGST now. Well, it should have been from the start. GN instead of GP means it’s based on multiple GNSS, not just GPS.

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@egor.fedorov I have searched and search, but no GNGST does not exist in the nmea output.
I changed my code based on your confident statement, thought I had done it wrong, but today I trawled through the nmea output logs. NO GNGST.

Please can you re-implement GPGST or implement GNGST urgently. I want to ship a unit on Monday that provides this.


can’ you accept going back to v2.10.0 STABLE ? (firmware reflash…)
There we still have it… but no csv export :frowning:

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No, th improvements in wifi connectivity from 2.10.0 to 2.10.2 were huge. I get 100% discovery of the wifi hotspot that starts up 30 secs before the reach. with 2.10.0 this was 70/30 with intervention required if it did not connect and set up its own hotspot. so 2.10.0 not an option.

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good to know…
i had soem wifi issues but wasn’t 2.10.2 solves them mostly thanks

As far as I can see, the GNGST message is there. Here’s a sample of NMEA output for v2.10.3:


We are currently reviewing this message in RTKLIB, but it would help a lot if you could tell us what exactly is wrong with it.

See attached raw logs both from 2.10.3
The RS has a GPGST sentence. The RTK unit has no GPGST sentence at all.

2.10.3.ReachRS_NMEA.log (42.8 KB)
2.10.3.ReachRTK_NMEA.log (88.9 KB)

2.10.2 has solved the wifi issue very well, but added a GPGST issue.

i can confirm what @egor.fedorov gets, here an example output from a ReachRS running 2.10.3 dev


I see it with the RS
But it isn’t there with the RTK module

We’ve just taken a new Reach unit, flashed and updated it. I can GNGST both with and without solution. Did you make any changes to the internal system?

I have made no changes to the internal system.
The unit is relatively new, less than 3 months old. I think it came with 2.8.x on and I have updated incrementally to 2.10.3

Will use the config log feature later today to sen you a cpopy of internals.

I have a second Reach RTK unit which I checked this evening [ it is installed on my Phantom 4] and that has GNGST. I will take that unit and install it in my other system.

Does mean I have a unit that I cannot use for original purpose tho’


Thanks for sending the report. Everything appears to be ok. I would suggest reflashing the unit. This should be the fastest way to get back on track, since time is an issue. Please do this and confirm whether you have the message back.

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