Where do I get a navigation file?

I logged data today using my Reach RS2+ and got the following files: .23O, .23B, .23P, .UBX, and .LLH. I need to get a navigation file and was expecting one to be in the folder. (If I’m not mistaken a navigation file ends in .23n?)

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can tell me where or how I can get a navigation file from my Rover? I thought I would get one by turning Position Track on under Additional Logs, but apparently this isn’t the case.

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Hi Eric,

A file with .23N format is indeed a navigation file, but it only contains GPS satellite data. If you have a navigation file with .23P format, that’s the best, since it’s a mixed GNSS navigation file that includes data from every GNSS satellite that your unit saw.


@zoltan.biber, so I can use the .23P file in place of a .23N file if I want to do Stop & Go in Emlid Studio? And if I want to get a .23N file I have to uncheck all satellites except GPS when I log data with my RS2+?


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