Where do I get a navigation file?

I logged data today using my Reach RS2+ and got the following files: .23O, .23B, .23P, .UBX, and .LLH. I need to get a navigation file and was expecting one to be in the folder. (If I’m not mistaken a navigation file ends in .23n?)

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can tell me where or how I can get a navigation file from my Rover? I thought I would get one by turning Position Track on under Additional Logs, but apparently this isn’t the case.

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Hi Eric,

A file with .23N format is indeed a navigation file, but it only contains GPS satellite data. If you have a navigation file with .23P format, that’s the best, since it’s a mixed GNSS navigation file that includes data from every GNSS satellite that your unit saw.


@zoltan.biber, so I can use the .23P file in place of a .23N file if I want to do Stop & Go in Emlid Studio? And if I want to get a .23N file I have to uncheck all satellites except GPS when I log data with my RS2+?


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We recommend using the .23P file, but if you’d like to use .23N with just the GPS data, it’s also possible. To work with only GPS data, you can turn off the the other satellite groups in the Logging tab in Emlid Flow if you tap the Logging Settings and the Show configuration button. Apart from that, you can also turn off the other satellite groups during post-processing in Emlid Studio. For this, please click on the blue gear icon and scroll down until the Stallites section.

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