When will the latest ArduRover version be supported (3.2.2)?

There have been some important bugs squashed in the latest ArduRover version (released version is 3.2.2, but master has yet another critical bug fix (https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/marvelmind-no-longer-working-with-ardurover/25921/20).

Do any of the developers know when this will be ported to Navio and be updatable with apt-get?


Hi Emlid,

Would also be nice if the RCIO firmware is also updated to take advantage of the Ardurover being able to read motor encoder signals. Navio 2 will be hard to beat if it had support for that.

I currently am running 3.2.1 on the Navio … all seems to be running fine. Will update to 3.2.2 soon.

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Available (3.2.2rc1) for custom install:




Marc – thanks for that pointer. I’m a little unclear on how to do a custom install, however. I assume it can’t be done via Mission Planner, because Navio won’t be recognized over USB. Can it be done via apt-get?

Also, this page in the Navio 2 manual lists the wrong supported version number for ArduRover. (It’s 3.2.2, not 3.5.2)


Mission planner method is not valid for Navio firmware update, and apt-get is only working when source is updated (not yet).

Official howto is here (refer to firmware link above, firmware.eu is no longer in use).

If you are familiar with linux, you can look at this post and adapt the commands to ardurover.

with same remark for firmware link. Following theses instructions, you have not to change the ardurover.service.


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