When we lose Wifi connection then it switches to Hotspot mode until reboot but it's not desirable

We are using a Reach RS3 to read heading/position on machinery in the mining sector

The reach device needs to connect to the WIfi on the machine itself but it does not always have Wifi Access but it should not switch over to hotspot mode, it should continue searching untill it can connect to the Wifi again without needing reboot.

Would this be possible to maybe solve to disable the hotspot mode entirely if possible?

Thank you!

Hi Danille,

Welcome to the forum!

If Reach was connected to the Wi-Fi after the booting and lost this connection, it will try to reconnect to it (Network LED will be blinking blue) until the unit is rebooted.

Do you see a different reaction? Are you using the latest 31.8 firmware version? If so, please send a Full System report at support@emlid.com.