When the post processing is recommended?

Hello, I am new in RTK. I have two Reach modules and they are connected by radios (UART). Both works fine. But I have two questions:

  1. If I get the float or even fix solution, it is necessary to do the post process of my RINEX data?

  2. Wich cases are necessary to do the pos process and how download the RINEX?

Thank you so much.


If you need data in real-time, then post-processing isn’t necessary. You can set an output and use the coordinates right away.

Post-Processing can be used to achieve more robust tracks for later review. In general, results achieved by processing raw logs are better, than the real-time solution. To download RINEX logs, make sure you’ve set raw data log option to file, and record a track. The log will be available in the logs tab.

Hi Egor, I really appreciate your answer.

Thank you.

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