When i survey with reach rs2 I found this error

Did you loose the Single solution at these times ?

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I have seen this when I have lost and then regained my Fix in the middle of surveying a point. Most likely your unit went in to Single for a moment, and then back to Fix.

You can see this on the map as well. When you back out to the map in ReachView, your map will be way zoomed out and you will have a point in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa.

I just delete the bad point and re-survey.


Hi Ayas,

Such records appear when the point was collected with No solution status.

As @steve.m mentioned, you can notice such points during the survey. They usually locate far away from your survey site and have zero coordinates.


Ok i remove them

Hi Ayas,

I just want to clarify whether you used ReachView 2 or ReachView 3?

When i use reachview2 i found thid error but i use reachview3 its ok no errors

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