When flashing is unit on or off?

The RS is an interesting piece of technology but Emlid’s documentation can be a bit weak, unclear and/or unclear for non-techie folks. Therefore a simple question: is the RS turned on or off when reflashing?

The opportunity for flashing arises when the unit is starting to boot up. So:

  • initially the unit is off
  • then you turn it on
  • the flash program sees the unit booting up and interrupts the boot
  • the flash program uploads the new firmware
  • when done, the device is rebooted


No problem.

Just to be clear for others, I should say that with the Reach module, you just have to plug it in to your USB port. That is because plugging it in powers up at that instant.

Reach RS is different because when you plug it in, it just starts charging the battery. That is why you must manually turn it on by pressing the power button.


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