What's the proper way to launch mavros and mavros_extras?

There’s very little info about this on either package’s page. Can I launch mavros and include mavros_extras plugins in the plugins list? Do I launch both mavros and mavros_extras?

Currently we are able to merge the mavros_plugins.xml files from both mavros and mavros_extras while loading plugins in apm.launch, but this still does not create subscribers for the topics defined in the plugins in mavros_extras. An example would be supremely helpful.

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum!

I’m not really a ROS expert, so I can barely help with this question. But I’ve found this reply on ROS Answers, which you may be interested in.

Also, you can search through the issues on GitHub of mavros repo. I see that several users raise questions there. Maybe you could find the solution there.

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