What's the difference between Reach RX and Reach RS2+?

What’s the difference between Reach RX and Reach RS2+?

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Reach RX is an RTK rover designed to work with NTRIP services or a single base. It’s easy to use, compact and lightweight – an optimal choice for surveying in areas with good cell and NTRIP coverage.

Reach RS2+ is a more versatile receiver. It can act as a base and rover and record a raw data for post-processing. A pair of Reach RS2+ can operate in remote areas using the built-in LoRa radios.

I’m pretty sure that this post should answer to most of your questions. But if some of them remain, feel free to ask!


I have somehow managed to pick up both an RS2 (not plus) and a Reach RX.

The RX is absolutely fab - if your phone have Internet connection and access to a correction source. I’m now figuring out how to setup my RS as a Base to serve the RX as correction source. Sadly RTK2GO (free NTRIP) closes station for me is 62km away - and it is not good enough for precision fixes. I’m testing a few “commercial” NTRIP providers - but quality and price is also very different.

But if you do a lot of survey points - the RX is great. It weighs about 1/3 of the RS2(+) - so it is a lot easier to hold steady on a long pole.

The only thing I’m missing is a “remote” button one could mount on the pole to start a capture. It can be a bit of a challenge to start a capture while holding the pole completely level. A tiny pole mount remote would be great (with Emlid support)

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Thank you for your kind words about Reach RX!

Do you have a single-band Reach RS? If so, it won’t act as a base for Reach RX. Reach RX is a multi-band receiver that requires at least L1 and L2 observations to calculate the solution.

I got your request. I’ve never seen any similar solutions, though. The most common is pulling out the smartphone or data collector from the pole mount to capture the point.

Another question: may programmable physical buttons be of help in this case? For example, when you press on volume button to start collecting the point.

Hi @kirill.pavlyuchuk

you are welcome - the RX is neat, small and nice - and so easy to keep balanced.

My RS is a RS2 (not plus) - so fine as base for the RX - at least it has worked so far.

Button: hmm maybe - but an independent button you can press with big gloves on would be better. It could be a BLE button of some sort - just with Flow “support”

I have done a few surveys this winter and big gloved fingers - holding pole and pushing buttons is not super easy - so gloves came off and hands got very cold…

Right now i’m doing some “permanent” 5/8th mounts around here so I have places I can put up the RS2 as base with PPP. Still learning the PPP part though.

I have tried a few NTRIP providers - but precision from them is not always super. It is very dependent on where their real stations are. But the best gives me +/- 5 cm lat/lon over 4 hours and about 15cm height difference. But I want to minimise that - and the cost is crazy from some of them. Usually £500-1250 / year for a single country.

Maybe Emlid could do more to “share” from caster.emlid.com ? Like maybe give a free single day “expansion license” for Emlid Flow for each day/week or so you make your “caster.emlid.com” be a public NTRIP source?

Or otherwise incentivise and build on caster.emlid.com ?

Hi @Kaz,

Probably, I don’t get the entire idea, but any expansion licenses for Emlid Flow won’t affect Caster opportunities anyhow. To become a public NTRIP service, it should have a corresponding infrastructure: base stations, servers, and so on. We develop it as an NTRIP Caster, not the service.

For building your own NTRIP service, we suggest Emlid Caster Pro. It has two tiers that allow connecting up to 20 and 50 bases, and up to 1000 rovers. You can start a one-month free trial if you want to test it, just leave an inquiry below Caster Pro page.

By the way, you can read our Support tip regarding this matter. It may also shed some light on the topic.

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