What would you need to create a complete autosteer system for a tractor?

The title pretty much explains my question. What parts would you need to create a complete autosteer system for a tractor to use?

The most expensive component would be the tractor itself. It would have to have drive-by-wire functionality, meaning it would be able to effect gas, stop, turn based on digital inputs.

The Navio is purpose built for servo control and that is unlikely to be the control method on any tractor. Probably a CAN bus or some proprietary protocol.

Look into AgOpenGPS and you’ll get a good feel for this.

I’ve been working with various pieces for the last 18 mo or so on and off.
Basic components needed:
RTK GPS - you obviously know this being on the emlid forum
control software - check out AgOpenGPS
motor or valve driver - your choice
steering feedback - angle sensor
preferred - roll and heading sensor.

It’s a lot of reading through threads, but check out:



OR…you can buy a $5k - 10K system that’s ready to go from any of the big names.

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