What software can decimate UBX/Rinex?

Beside RTKConv, which doesn’t seem to honor the Interval setting when converting or TECQ, that only support Rinex 2, what other programs exists that can complete this task?

Are you referring to the “intetger” seconds issue in rinex data ? I thought there was an option in RTKLIB for resolving this.

I am, and there is, but it simply doesn’t work in any of the versions RTKconv I have tried. It works in RTKpost, but that doesn’t help.

GFZRNX will do it with the -smp option. Search for the download page.

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That worked, many thanks! Saved for future!

It appears to be like TEQC (UNAVCO), rinex malipulator.

But modern, in that it Can output Rinex 3 :smiley:


G’day All

I have a couple of Spectra Precision (PM500) receivers that Trimble will no longer support. After the last Glonass calendar debacle, we received a firmware update that did not correct for the GPS week correction. To enable me to use these receivers with the RS2’s, I need to fix the timestamp on the Rinex files before post processing . I have perused the TECQ manuals, but I’m afraid that the meriad of options baffled me.
Is there a program or procedure to fix this issue, other than through TECQ?
Many thanks.

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You can go to

There is a program to convert there. However, I haven’t used in years for our old Trimble 4000 receivers… Too much hassle for me. It works for rinex files I think.

I use to do this… Use NotePad++ (great version of sooped up NotePad) and search for times to replace.

Thank you Bryan
I’ll give it a go.

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