What is your method for balancing Carbon Fiber

The last thing I need to do before I try getting my quad in the air is to balance my props.

I’ve seen so many different examples on youtube and read lots of different posts about how to properly balance them that I’m not quite sure anymore.

I have two main questions. Where should sand off material and do I need to balance the hub when its a three hole prop.

My props are carbon fiber, if that changes anything.

I use 3 hole props from hobbyking. I use them without balancing and it works fine so far. No excessive vibration.
I may be wrong, but from what I know about carbon fibre, I would not sand it. If you nick a fibre in the process, the stability of the whole prop may be compromised.

You can add silicon or glue on the top of the blade. Other people use sand-paper or tape.

I went with clear nail polish for the tips and electrical tape for the hubs.

Thanks for the ideas!