What is username for ntrip in base mode?

Hi, this night I’m trying to understand ntrip in base mode. I see just there is a password without username. What kind of username should be written?

Do you actually have acess to an NTRIP Caster? NTRIP server and client do not work directly, a caster is required, which is not a part of ReachView.

Would you share how to use NTRIP completely @igor.vereninov? My plan is build a base station and share it by internet.

You will need to set up a caster, the only open one that I know about is http://lefebure.com/software/ntripcaster/. It got to have a fixed IP address.

Okey, now I’m trying download lefebure, and try to see the configuration needed. Can it combined with reach by wifi? Or by ssh? My reach image is v2.

i have installed lefebure ntrip caster, and i see connection need to be configured.what kind of connection for this software?

Please read about how NTRIP server, caster and client interact. Here is a good explanation http://www.xyht.com/professional-surveyor-archives/gnss-next-do-it-yourself-internet-rtk/

You need to run caster on a dedicated computer with fixed IP address. Reach will push data to it as it acts as NTRIP Server in base mode.

Caster, server and client all need connection to the internet.

I see in this article, reach can connect to caster based on scenario 1, they are from NTRIP server on reach send correction to caster by internet, then rover access caster by NTRIP client. But I’m confused how to send data from reach to NTRIP caster by internet. There is no explanation about it. I can’t find configuration for connection.

Here is how it should be setup on the Reach side. Not sure about the Lefebure configuration, never done it myself.

username and password between Base and Rover is different.

Base password 4 digits

Rover password 8 digits and the username is "user"

I’m confused…

This is because there could be only one server and many clients per mountpoint. NTRIP is not point to point so user for server and client do not have to match.

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