What is the meaning of the Qaulity column in a LLH file

After I downloaded the data for a day, I assume that the solution is in the LLH file? is that correct?
If so, what is the classification of column no. 6?
I contains integers 1, 2, 5 etc.
I assume that pertains to Quality, i.e. FIX=4, FLOAT=5 etc.?
But then my results don’t make sense. I am getting 1 where I would assume 2 or 5

Hi Dirk,

This log contains the solution records in LLH format. It’s useful when you want to check the results of RTK survey.

Did you plan to do RTK or PPK survey?

You’re right. This column means the RTK solution status. 1 - FIX, 2 - FLOAT, 5 - SINGLE.

Thanks. I am doing RTK. It was a little confusing b/c Emlid changed the Q values w.r.t. the NMEA defintion.

NMEA and LLH Quality flags are defined by different formats. The Quality flag in LLH is defined by the Positioning Solution file format of RTKLIB. While NMEA quality flags are specified by NMEA 0183, which are similar to the ones you mentioned earlier.

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