What is the longest time you have waited for Final PPP NRCAN

Took observations on May 13, 2022 and have NRCAN Ultra Rapid, and Rapid results. We are now at day 19 and a new month still getting Rapid results instead of Final back.

Anyone else experience this? Usually Final is ready in 14 days?

It usually 15-16 days in my experience.

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Ja, Close to 3 weeks for the Final. I have 3 24h session waiting to be finalized for a PPP video.

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Hi, my last experience was true to the posted information “available 13 to 15 days after the end of the week.” Sure enough, I had to count day 1 on about a Sunday, and on day 15 the Final became available (and not sooner).


Here’s the source for ephemerides


If you are PP yourself with commercial software, you’ll find there’s very little difference in the final position solution between “rapid” (17 – 41 hours) and “final” (12 – 18 days); at least for GPS/GLONASS.


Even rapid and ultra rapid were close on this PPP, 95.41% fixed. Final should be really accurate, very excited.

I just like the finality of final data. Need to make sure my lines are absolutely accurately straight.


Hi @PotatoFarmer,

I’ve checked the page with the last updates of the NRCAN CSRS-PPP service. Here they say that final data usually becomes available about 12 days after the end of each week. So I’d rely on this value.

The final data includes GPS satellite orbits from the IGS, NRCan final GLONASS orbits, and an NRCan final clock combination. And these 12 days after the end of the week exactly matches the 12-18 days interval needed for final IGS ephemerides, as Bryan @EBE111057 shared.


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