What is the difference between log files?

I have a question re log files as to date I’ve not seen a detailed explanation other than use of the raw data from a base or rover to post process as covered in the Emlid user documentation.


What is the difference between the three logs (raw, position & base correction), and their usage?

Is the data recorded the same when used as a standalone unit or when used in RTK? For example, when used in RTK mode is the data recorded corrected?

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Raw is the log from the current device you are at. Raw data is all raw observation from that device or you can choose a stripped version (Rinex)

Position is a ready made solution (either singel, float or fixed) from a session. This file can be open with RTKplot and study the track, satelite info etc etc

Base is all recived data coming from a correction. Could be data recived with LoRa, Ntrip, Serial or any other input connection. Format is raw (RTCM) or stripped version(Rinex)

They have all their own usage but mainly for postprocessing work and backup.

Format and data is the same, it just has different content if RTK or standalone. You would record singel status solution with standalone or float/fix if correction is used and base file would be empty if no correction data is recived.

Thanks for your explanation. That’s what I was thinking/guessing the difference between the log files might be.

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