What is the difference between a PENZD CSV and a standard CSV?

Hello, I am wondering what the difference between a PENZD CSV and a standard CSV file is? And when would I need to use a PENZD CSV where a standard CSV won’t work?


A PENZD is a file that contains a filtered set of columns in a certain order AND the coordinates are in a projected CRS rather than LLH (northing/easting rather than Lat/Lon). The standard .csv contains more information, including the base coordinates if using RTK.

PENZD is a description of the structure of the data contained within the file. P = Point, E = Easting, N = Northing, Z = Level, D = Description.


Awesome, Thanks Dave! I really appreciate the information.

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Hi Eric,

I agree with @dpitman’s comment but want to clarify some point here. Indeed, D stands for Description in the PENZD format, but we have separate Code and Description fields when you collect the data. The Description column in the PENZD file corresponds to the Code field while collecting the data.


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