What is correct GCP or PPK Drone Data?

We have covered around 150 villages using PPK Drone.
In which 80 villages are passed by department for which we are working.
Rest are having issues of accuracy we need Ortho accuracy in terms of XY under 10 cm and Z should be under 20 cm.
We are checking ortho accuracy using GCP’s collected in each Village.
We are facing random Error which is from 15 cm to 2 meters in XY and 35 cm to 4 meters in Z.

We tried DGPS processing twice, we re-collected GCP points at some villages to find if there is issues with GCP.
We processed drone data using many parameters but we are still unable to figure out.

Can someone help me with any new suggestion’s, What are the error’s of PPK drone and how it varies from __cm to __ cm.

We are processing our Drone Geo-tagging data using RTKLIB. What is the settings which should reduce my accuracy or someone suggest me manipulation with data and settings which will reduce my error.

We are unable to figure out what is correct our GCP’s or our Drone Data.

Hi Bhavesh,

You use Reach M2 or the drone, right? If so, are all your time marks in Fix after post-processing? How do you geotag photos after you get the events from RTKLib?

By the way, we now have Emlid Studio, which allows process drone data and geotag images. Check it out here.

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We do post processing in a software which is provided by our drone manufacturer.

Where we have the triggers and Images if matches we geotag it and gets a output of geotagged images with a new folder.

Yeah i am well known about Emlid we are using it from so far.

I just want to know what is the accuracy of drone data using PPK else if it is correct then why it is mismatched with my gcp.
We are using drone of CD space company and the model is Snap M.

Can any one suggest me some improvements which need to implement.


Got you. Can you share the data with me? You can send it to support@emlid.com.

It’s hard to give some recommendations without checking the data. I’d like to post-process it myself too, and I think I’ll be able to advise something after that.

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