What is Autel Titan

The Autel Robotics Titan is the latest general purpose transport drone designed for the enterprise sector. As Autel Robotics’ first four-axis, eight-propeller multi-rotor drone, it has strong anti-interference capabilities and carrying capabilities.

The carrying capacity of the Autel Titan drone is far ahead among multi-rotor drones, capable of carrying a load of up to 10 kg, with a maximum take-off weight of 31KG, Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed up to 25m/s.

…and just to note that Autel is now in the same boat as DJI in four states – Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee, as well as the USDA and U.S. Departments of State, Interior and Defense.

…and Autel Robotics’ history of customer support is very, very disappointing. Products are launched and then quickly abandoned. Buyer beware!


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