What is a Surveyor?

Damn straight! Happy Friday All. A daily affirmation to you.


Preventers of arguments big and small, cause now not even a fire, flood, or meteor impact can change the lines, of what is yours and what is mine.


…and don’t forget where we came from. Sometimes a plumb-bob makes more sense. Circa 1880’s.


I read the Canadian Survey history, I am extremely impressed how well they did PPP’ing off the stars with a sextant LOL.

The history was also great because they would just finish surveying the whole country, then a newer more accurate method would be developed, and they would start right from scratch again. Talk about rolling a rock up hill. I am sure the US had a very similar history.

I also find it miraculous that the explorers found the new worlds using the stars to guide them, now farmers use the stars to guide their plows. Truly remarkable.

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I have told my wife, surveyors have been sexy for a long time.


Ever on-going, even nowadays :smiley:


Yeah and we can’t wait for the Datum of 2022… errr 2024 maybe 2025. :thinking:

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