What is a RINEX "Navigation" File, and an "MRK" file?

I am very new to this community, and have never worked with EMLID products, or RTK/PPK systems before. However, I was going through the documentation because my team has recently purchased a Reach UAV Mapping Kit.

  1. On one of the webpage, I found the term ‘RINEX Navigation file’ (link).

  2. On another webpage, I came across the requirement of ‘MRK file’ (link)

I do not understand what these mean, and where will I obtain these files from. Do I have to look for some particular parameters in the ReachView3 to get these files?

Thanks in advance!

PS: If it matters, I have an M+ module and an RS+ module communicating over LoRa.


So apparently, the RINEX Navigation file is something that both, the base, and the rover save by default. Further, as the documentation states, we could use the file from either of them for the post processing.

I still do not know anything about the MRK file. Any help on that would be great.

Thank you!

Hi Jigyasu

The MRK file is unique to DJI and Autel RTK drones. It stores precise camera positions to be used in PPK software. If you are using an Emlid receiver on your drone, you will not be using an MRK file. The Emlid receiver will be capturing the “events” (camera positions). In Emlid Studio (PPK software) you will be using a rinex file from the base and also one from the rover (drone). No MRK file.


Hello Dave.

This helps a lot! Thanks!

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Hi Jigyasu,

Welcome to our community forum!

You’re almost right, RINEX is a standard raw-data format that consists of satellite observations and navigational data. Receivers don’t save it by default, but you can turn on the function with auto-recording logs when the device is turned on.

Regarding MRK, I totally agree with Dave. It’s a DJI and Autel file format that consists of time marks.


Thank you for the correction, Anna!

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