What happens if the combination of RS2 and Rs +?

Ideally Base and Rover are of one type (RS2 & RS2)

I want to ask, what if I use RS+ As Base and RS2 As Rover …?
Is the RS2 Performance as a Rover the same if Base uses RS2 too ?, or is there a difference due to RS + Still L1?


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You would not be using it to its potential. The rover can only use what the base is using.


…and vice versa. They will only run on the L1 channel.


and what happens if it’s the other way around?

I use RS2 as a base, and RS + as a rover?
Will it increase the ability of RS +? …

Or I use RS2 as a base, and 2 Rover units consist of RS2 and RS +?

You are only as good as your “weakest link”. L1 will only be used if in the mix.


Hi @echoxs,

Let me conclude on this topic.

As our users have already pointed out, when you’re using Reach RS2 as a base for Reach RS+, you can’t benefit from the advantages of working with a multi-band system. Reach RS+ will be able to work with L1-corrections only.

We don’t recommend using Reach RS+ as a base for Reach RS2 as Reach RS2 expects multi-frequency corrections and Reach RS+ can’t provide them.


That’s a good point. It might be better to use the RS2 as the base in that scenario then…


As in all work, it depends on what it requires. For example, use RS2 as a base and RS + as a rover and while I still work with L1, by using NTRIP I can have coverage up to 65 km with centimeter precision according to my needs.

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For me RS2 should be the base. Also because you can get good PPP solution for base after a few hours. When you are far from known point or out of NTRIP coverage this is my prefered solution in remote places.


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