What does this mean? Probably because some tariffs

I have bought multiple products from emlid and recently had not a single issue getting 2 of the RS2 units delivered albeit to a USFS address, now that I have gotten two more and are having them delivered to my home address they are held up in Memphis, TN for some dumb reason. Has anyone seen this before

@tatiana.andreeva is this something fedex trade network is contacting you about because the fella that tried to help me tonight failed miserably, although I was happy he tried. What had changed in the shipment process other than these not being shipped to a federal government address this time?

Import taxes are something you should count-in when buying from abroad. Nothing new.


Ummmm then why doesn’t it simply say import tax delay, yes this is something new again as we just had 2 units shipped here 4 weeks ago an never ever saw this come up. I highly doubt this has anything to do with a tax and more so to do with the fact that this is a formal entry into the US for a package and considering it is over 2500 USD will require you to submit some paperwork to US customs to get it released. SO folks buy your reach units in separate orders as to not have the invoice be above 2500 USD, that is unless you have had a previous formal entry that required your SSN, EIN or other identifiable information sent to US customs.

You wont get a good answer to that question in this forum :wink:

Even dealing with the same courier, you get variable experiences when it comes to customs brokering. You might have a more consistent experience if you hired your own customs broker, but if you’re not constantly importing, then it might not be worth it.

There are 2 problems shown above:

  1. They don’t have your importer number. If you are receiving the goods as a business, you are probably supposed to have registered for one and be proactive in providing it. If you are receiving the goods as an individual, they will likely not require it. edit: but as you say, maybe that doesn’t work for higher-value items

  2. “The description provided is insufficient.” I get this all the time. The brokerage service is probably outsourced, and even if not, the people clearing your shipment aren’t “right there” with the package. They want an electronic copy of the commercial invoice, and if they don’t have it, they would rather ask you for it then send an employee to look for the box and make copies of the physical documents attached to it.

This is routine stuff, and you roll the dice on every shipment. Some come though like magic and others get delayed. You know, it can be that all the information is there for the broker in their computer system, but they just don’t spend more than 30 seconds looking for it, and so they put a delay on it and hope it gets passed off to a different employee. The customer suffers for an extra day or three, but them’s the breaks and there’s not much you can do about it.

( I think this thread looks like a good a plug for supporting your local Emlid dealer :wink: )


Hi Matthew,

Import duties is something that we barely can assist with. The rules and tariffs significantly varies for different countries. Therefore, we are not contacted by courier services when the product reaches the customs.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict whether the next shipping will be hit by import taxes or not.


:+1::+1:Way to go , you will have it in a few days. centimeter.cahttp://centimeter.ca/

Do local retailers support the education discount as well?

I got a similar issue when I got an RS2. There was a delay but it was all handled by Fedex. They just emailed me a form for me to sign and returned to them for the local customs office. . When I got the unit, I reviewed the documents and it seems that customs thought the RS2 is a li-ion battery unit because there was a big warning sticker about some form of chemical battery on the pack. Maybe customs thought it suspicious that a li-ion battry could cost $2000.

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It is required by IATA rules that things with lithium based batteries should be marked like this when travelling by air.

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Around here, even ground shipments containing lithium batteries must be marked. Every time we go to the post office with a package, we have to answer whether it contains lithium batteries or not.


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