What direction is Caster Headed?

Im using an M2 as a 24/7 base over Emlid Caster, the service works pretty great.

But it would be good too if others in the area could use it, vs setting up a base. Also help emlids service cover costs and run longer term.

Emlid could offer a pay per use service to 24/7 bases, to cover caster costs.

They would need a ranking for uptime, also for how they are setup and mounted.

Yes there are areas with free government correction service. But a wide swath of the world does not, or you get gouged like Canada.


The beauty of caster is that it’s free, there’s paid solutions to share as a base already


I get that,

But what I mean is in my area you can pay Trimble $1500 a year/ unit

Or Emlid could use my correction stream since it is always up, market it to other users in the area to help fund the free side.

So for example they would have a map, you could see colour coded base coverage if its close to your location. You could see how its mounted, if it has a ppp document attached and if done by a surveyor, that would relate to the colour of the coverage circle.

Then if someone is learning to fly a drone, or just needs a day of service they could get login credentials for a time from paypal payment.

I benefit too, the more cash they have to maintain the service the longer the “free” lasts for everyone else who bought two reach units.

Have you looked into existing free options?

https://gnss.ga.gov.au/stream (Oz only)

Just for example

It just feels like reinventing the wheel

Not to mention if I’m paying for an ntrip service I expect it to be up 24/7, then it would be on emlid to ensure that coverage and how will they enforce that on users who just share their base data? Really not worth the hassle for them.

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RTK2go is a hell of a hassle and no one in my area, the second choice only has one Canadian entry on the other side of the continent, Third one cannot use either wrong country.

Also for all the emlid / ublox users, you know you are getting the latest compatible correction schemes from these bases. I can fix off a trimble base, but it works so much better emlid to emlid.

The best part of reinventing the wheel is you can shed the worst parts of the previous poorly integrated and developed wheels. That is how rockets land now, before they just crashed in the ocean.

If you log on and see a base has 99% up time, guess how long it probably stays up?
Imagine being able to select you base from a map, send $10 for the day, and you now have base corrections. Costs can also be prorated on the level of the base coordinate accuracy, up time, and mount point.

Corrections from my PPP base are already at Emlids caster, why should they not try monetize them, especially if it helps keep the service free for me and others who take time to set up a permanent base?

As I see it, it is not a question of being able to send out corrections, but that you as the end-user can trust the position used for the base.
So, i.e. using RTK2go, sure, you might find a base close enough, but you have no idea in system the coordinates are in, or if they are even accurate.
Then you can of course grab the stream, translate the 1005 or 1006 message after you have recorded and processed data from it for days to make sure you have a sound position.


Hi guys,

This is an interesting topic, and I’m sure there will be surveyors who find it useful. But maintaining an NTRIP network is a huge separate direction. So we currently don’t have plans on turning Emlid Caster into Service.

Still, we made Emlid Caster Pro for Reach users who want to build a network in their countries. It should be much easier to do when you have bases and infrastructure hosted by us. So if you decide to go this way, all support from us :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s free but the hardware, electric and maintenance isn’t. This doesn’t even include whether or not logs are available post observation.

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