What decent radio for RS+ / RS2?

Hi group,

What external radio are you using for a reasonable coverage in urban or masked environments ? The Lora quickly stop working there. RFD ? more ?


For urban environment, you would want multifrequency, so, RS2 x 2.
The RS2 has a built in sim-card. I would use that in urban environments instead of a radio-solution.

Sure ! RS2 is the way to go, just have to be patient up to mid July.
But I work in Africa, and telephon network can be very bad there.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the RS2 has better LoRa reach, but always hard to say if it will be enough some other user.

Cellular 3G or 4G (android mobile hotspot for rover + usb dongle 4G for base or wifi if you have access to network).
It works well !

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