What Coordinate System is used when Logging Static data?

I don’t see what coordinate system is being used when I log static data? Furthermore I don’t see a way to change the coordinate system. Therefore I assume the default coordinate system is WGS84 and there is no way to change it to anything else? It looks like I can set the coordinate system to something other than WGS84 if I create a survey project in the Flow app, but would this change the coordinate system for logging data outside of the survey project? Unless there is a reason for this that I am unaware of, it seems like users should be able to set which coordinate system they want to use when logging static or kinematic data?

When recording static or kinematic data you are recording the raw GPS data that is typically written to a RINEX or UBX file format. There is no need to change coordinates systems during logging, because the RINEX and UBX have standards that need to be followed. These raw files are used to post-process base/rover setups and during the post-processing you can then specify a coordinate system.

A RINEX file is just a text file and can be opened in any text editor, such as notepad. Most of it makes no sense to me, but if you look around line 10 in the header of a RINEX file you’ll see a line for “APPROX POSITION XYZ” and according to RINEX formats and standards this is XYZ coordinates in WGS84.